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Training Options



Our program is designed to match the dog’s abilities and its owner’s needs. We train all basic obedience commands on and off leash. We use a FIVE-STEP program with conventional training techniques that allow the dog to learn on it’s own pace and abilities.
We also train problem dogs that may require some type of behavioral modification. We continually update the owners with their dog’s progress and also train the dog’s owner to handle their dog before they return home.


Consists of 2-4 months in length depending upon your dog’s needs and abilities. We offer a ten day evaluation period to review your dog and advise you of an approximate length of training period
We specialize in gun dog training. We want you to get the best out of your hunting dog. We train all breed types, whether it is a flusher, retriever ,or pointer. We begin with the necessary basic obedience, then move on to bird and gun introduction. Next we work on quartering and steadying, trained retrieves and any special requirements.
Whether the duck blind is your favorite or an upland bird hunt is your specialty,we can train your dog to do either or both. We have access to several training locations which include about 2,000 acres of ponds, lakes, flatlands, hills and marshes.
We try to keep your costs to minimum by including bird costs in the training fee. Should your dog require additional birds because of a specific problem, you will be advised before the expense is incurred. The bird introduction begins with pigeons and progresses to the game birds such as ducks, pheasants, or quail. We also have access to chucker partridge if necessary.


This type of training is available for retrievers. This training is an extension of the gun dog training on a competitive level. Should you have an interest in competing your retriever at this level, we can train your dog to attain all levels: Junior, Senior, or Master. Please call us if you need additional information on this type of training.


We offer a six week training class for owners and their dogs. This class will help you control your pet with the minimum of stress for you and your dog. The class is a hands on, weekly session to teach the basic commands of sit, stay, and leash training. The class is limited in size and advance reservations are generally required.